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srijeda, 31. srpnja 2013.

Today very busy...

Hello guys, how are you today? Me? So tired.. All day long I was studying.. Soon I have an exam. I don't know have you ever heard about brand Primark/Atmosphere? It's a pretty much cheap brand.. You have that store in Austria. I love it! You can find such a beautiful items there and you will keep your money in a pocket. And when you have SALE on that already cheap items.. hmmm :D I think it's not about how much money you have on yourself, it's more about how you combinate your clothes.. If you know it, you will look like million dollars babe ;) Take a look at my look, hope you like it :) It's a simple every day look :)

                                                                         Hype  it on LB

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  1. You look simply amazing, hun ^__^

    Many kisses,


  2. Super casual! :)

  3. sviđa mi se outfit draga skroz =)

  4. torba je supeeeer!

  5. svidjaju mi se helanke bas.super outfit

  6. Lijepa kombinacija :) I ja kad sam nasla Primark sam izlazila svaki dan sa punim kesama :) Na blogu sam slikala torbu i blejzer iz Primarka koje obozavam :)

    1. Bas super odjecu imaju :) I ne mozes da kupis jednu stvar, uvijek puna kesa :D <3

  7. Ove helankice su mi super! Hvala na divnom komentaru! Pratimo se :*

  8. great look !


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