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utorak, 17. rujna 2013.

La La La ***

Hello my beautiful readers :) Sorry I haven't been here for a long time.. :( I was studying so hard and now I celebrate! I'm on 5th year of medicine! Yeah, good job girl! Talking to myself :/ Never mind :O These are consequences from studying hehe :)
The new year has started but I'm a kindly off this week.. I'm at home, on parties.. everywhere except university :D Also I decided to start going to jim :) I have to pump my muscles :) That my BF told me :/ So we will see.. Today I decided to share with you my 3 looks :) In the next post you will see 4 more. I hope you like it :)

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  1. Some great looks! I love them all but my personal fave is the leggings with the yellow cardigan :)
    Med takes a lot out of your life, my friends are always studying :( but it's worth it in the end! Enjoy your time off
    Madeleine || Madeleine In Wonderland

  2. Sve kombinacije mi se svidjaju, super:)

  3. Odlicne kombinacije, pogotovo prva!

  4. Congrats! At the end, all the hard work pays off:) I'm starting my 3rd year of medicine in two weeks!
    You look lovely on the photos, I liked the 2nd look the most.

  5. you look lovely !
    new post on my blog !

  6. Cestitam! Super su sve kombinacije ;)

  7. sorc mi se TOLIKO svidja!! hocu i ja :O <3

  8. Nice t-shirt...And the glasses look alo great on you!!!

  9. super su kombinacije! posljednja mi je favorit :)


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