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srijeda, 11. srpnja 2018.

Lavendersun review

When you have a baby you can see how great is kids fashion. We found such a great site where you can buy cute things.
We choose two Baby oneises. First one is oneise with hairband in unicorn print. Such a wonderful and soft material and colors! Lenna is in love.
Second oneise is very fashionable. Like real girls fashion. It's shoulder loss, pink striped and lovely cotton material!
It's see how you can order:
1. First you have to register on the Levender site.
2. Try to make a choise in the OvercuteLand and put the items in the shopping bag.
3. Great news is free shipping all around the world! It comes very fast.
4. Pay through the paypal or visa card and that's it! Items are very close to you!

This oneise you can buy HERE

This oneise you can buy HERE

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