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petak, 30. prosinca 2016.

Review 2016. Želje i čvrste odluke. Zato što želim promjene. Zagrizi i ne puštaj! / Wishes and hard decisions because I want changenes. Bite and don't let go! Part 2

Šta je to što sam uspjela za godinu dana? Mnogo čega, mnogo ničega..
Da, istina je da je godina dana kako ne pušim ali sam zato dobila oko 5kg. Sanja super izgledaš! 
Njemački nisam naučila ali zato imam posao, hvala Bogu. Pišem blog često. Odsjekla sam kosu i više nisam totalna plavuša. Mnogo više cijenim vrijeme provedeno sa porodicom tako da gledam svaku priliku da iskoristim. Što se tiče ribanja, brisanja prašine.. mislim da imam poremećaj pretjerane čistoće. Tu sebi ne mogu pomoći! Zbog toga vazda umorna, vazda imam posla. Što se tiče fizičke aktivnosti.. bilo je periodično: smjenjivala se moja ljenost i pretjerivanje u teretani. Rezultat je salce na stomaku i na kukovima. 
U 2016.g sam izgubila dragu osobu i od tada znam da mi život više neće biti isti. 

Ono što želim u 2017 godini uraditi je:

2. Prestati jesti slatkiše! Draga Sanja mislim da je vrijeme da i u tom pogledu narasteš! Dosta, dosta, dosta!
3. Ulagati u sebe u smislu obrazovanja. Učiti strani jezik. Biti bolja u svome poslu. Naučiti mnogo više i pomagati drugim ljudima. Diploma je ta koja nikada ne blijedi!
4. Poštovati više sebe. Cijeniti sebe i staviti se iznad mnogih! Kome ti ne trebaš ne treba ni on tebi!
5. Nastaviti pisati blog. Čovjek se osjeća bolje kada svoje misli, iskustva, doživljaje podijeli sa svijetom!
6. Skupljati za ljetovanje. 2017 godina će ako Bog da biti godina u kojoj ću i ja, zajedno sa svojim mužem, otići na ljetovanje. Poželjela sam miris mora, so u kosi, dodir valova..
7. Možda bih mogla staviti protezu pa imati ovaj holivudski osmijeh koji je trenutno pre IN. Valjda nisam zakasnila sa godinama.
8.  Naći Bambiju curu!
9. Ono najljepše i najstrašnije u isto vrijeme a što ja želim je dobiti novog malog člana porodice u 2017.g
10. Više vremena provoditi sa porodicom. Njegovati i održavati porodične odnose.

Možda ste primijetili da nema rednog broja 1 niti želje koja bi uslijedila nakon tog broja. Na ovaj način sam želju pod rednim brojem 1. željela istaći, izdvojiti.

1. Želim mir u svijetu!

Da li ste vi razmisljali o promjenama koje želite da ostvarite u idućoj godini? Imate li vi nekih posebnih želja?

Vama i vašoj porodici sretnu Novu Godinu, puno zdravlja, sreće, uspjeha u 2017 godini! Šaljem vam puno pozdrava, poljubaca do idućeg čitanja.

Translated on English.

What do I manage for the last year? Many things, a lot of nothing.

Yes, It's true that it passed one year of non smoking but I gained about 5kg. Sanja don't panic! You look great!
German I din't learn but I have a job, thanks to God. I write a blog often. I cut my hair and I'm not totally blonde. I appreciate the time spent with my family much more. As for scrubbing, dusting? I think I have disorder of excessive cleanliness. I can't help to myself! Therefore, I am always tired, always have work to do. As for physical activity.. it was periodically: alternated my laziness and extravagance in the gym. The result is better: fat on stomach and hips!

In 2016. I lost dear person and since then I know that my life will never be the same.

What I want to do in 2017 year?

2. Stop eating sweets! Dear Sanja I think it's time to grow up! Enough, enough!
3. Invest in yourself in terms of education. Learing a foreign language. Be better in my job. Learn more and help to other people. Diploma is one that never fades!
4. Respect yourself more! Appreciate yourself and put yourself above many of others! People who don't need you, you don't need them too!
5.Continue to write a blog. I feel better when I share with you my thoughts, experiences.
6. Collect money for holidays! 2017 year will be the year, if God let, which I will go on summer holiday. I want to feel smell of the sea, salt in my hair, touch of the waves.
7. Maybe I coud put a denture and have a Hollywood smile what is currently very IN. I guess my ages are not too late.
8. Find girlfriend puppy for Bambi!
9. The most beautiful and the most awfull at the same time what I want in 2017 year is to get a little family member.
10. To spend more time with my family, to foster and maintain family relations.

You may have noticed that number 1 and wish are missed. On this way I would like to put a point on my wish number one.

1. I want peace in the world! 

Did you think about changenes that you want to achieve in the next year? Do you have any special requests?

I wish Happy New Year, a lot of health, happiness, succes in the 2017 for you and your family!
I send you a lot of warm greetings, kisses until the next reading.

utorak, 27. prosinca 2016.

How to be happy?

The key to happiness, according to the latest research, is knowing where to look. We’re conditioned from a young age to aim high and seek fulfilment in a better job, fresh achievement and further success – and yet these goals are more likely to make us miserable.
 Dr Ray Raghunathan at the University of Texa identifies five key areas that can have a huge effect on our wellbeing – all of which are within our control.

Don’t pursue happiness

It’s a bit of a balancing act but we need to prioritise rather than chase happiness. The difference is crucial. Many of us believe, in theory, that it’s important and rank it above being intelligent and making money, and yet in reality we sacrifice happiness for other things. Take steps to increase the odds of feeling happy rather than obsessing about whether or not you feel happy.
First steps Recognise what makes you happy – hanging out with friends, visiting the countryside, getting a good night’s sleep. Whatever it is, make a list and prioritise those things.

Take responsibility

Never blame others for your unhappiness. Tell yourself it’s in your own hands, whatever the outcome. We have the power and ability to control our own thoughts and feelings, regardless of what is happening to us externally. Feeling in control internally is highly liberating and will make you feel happier.
First steps Arguably the most powerful way to take internal control is to have a healthier lifestyle. Start by taking care of yourself; be a little more active each day, eat one extra piece of fruit, be aware of which physical activities make you feel better and make them part of your routine.

Don’t compare

If you tether your happiness to feeling superior to others, you’ll be frustrated a lot of the time. Even if you think you’re doing better than your peers, sooner or later someone will overtake you. If not, age will catch up. Comparisons can be tempting – we use them as a way to try to motivate ourselves; one way to fool ourselves about succeeding is to think, “I’ll be the best in the world, in my class, in my office.” But you’ll find the goalposts will constantly change and, in the end, you can never win.
First steps When you measure yourself against those around you, you’ll be drawn to dwell on your own flaws. Be aware of this damaging trait and be kinder to yourself – the less you compare, the happier you will be.

Follow the flow

Most of us have experienced it, but probably not as much as we’d like; the kind of experience in which you get so absorbed you lose track of time.
Being in the moment also means lacking self-consciousness; when we’re completely engaged, we don’t care how well or poorly we’re doing.
First steps What we love to do most is what will make us happiest. Look at what you’re good at, particularly what you lose yourself in – whether it’s writing, travelling, cooking, running. Make a list and get it into your routine.

Trust strangers

The more we perceive we can trust people we don’t know, the happier we’ll be. The happiest countries and communities are those that feel they can trust the citizens around them. It’s easy to see why. If you can’t trust your taxi driver to give you the right change, or the postman to drop off your mail, you’ll lose sleep and you won’t be happy. It’s one thing to trust friends and family, but having faith in strangers is an indication of how much you’ll trust life in general.
First steps Start by being more open; talk to one stranger each day – in a shop, at work. Focus on the positive aspect of talking to people you don’t know; not the fear that you can’t trust them.
I will tell you what makes me happy?
I love writting, dealing some emotions and moments whit you guys. Love fashion. Love to share with you my outfits, experiences, reviews etc. Love dogs and humans! Love helping others and because of that I am medical doctor and happy for doing that job.

There are two new outfits. 

Love the color of Gamiss sweater and those chunky tassel. Great material.
Gamiss jumper you can buy here

Red Zaful jumper is such a great item! Lovely cable knit sweater. It smells on winter! I wear top under sweater becuase it's cut out :)
Zaful jumper you can buy here

You can always find me on LOOKBOOK and hype the look:

Visit this site for more.

utorak, 20. prosinca 2016.

VIPme review

Hello my dear readers. 
Today I wanna share with you my experience with I will tell you something what you need to know about

VIPme is a female fashion website, a platform that empowers women to highlight self-awareness and to cherish the inner "me" 
Their parent company started its humble beginning in Fangcun, Guangzhou, China in 2008. Now they have over 160 million registered members in China, and they are welcoming customers in North America to join the party. 
They range from fashion apparel, bags, shoes, jewelry, watches, accessories, to small home products, and cool gadgets.
VIPme has a team of professional buyers who follow the latest fashion trends and never miss a major fashion show. At the same time, they walk on factory front lines, study every detail of product quality, and never miss an opportunity to work with these valuable brands. is more then a shopping site!, parent company of, is committed to charity and helping improve society as a whole. In June 2011, established the 365 Love Foundation for helping children who could not afford to go to school, people who have severe sickness but could not afford to see a doctor, and elderly people who are lonely and cut off from the rest of society
In 2015, took the initiative to sponsor kids aged 7 to 18 in poverty to go to school. Members of, our employees and the public can nominate such kids around them to apply for the program and those who are verified will be sponsored. encourages charity in conjunction with sports.
They are committed to environmental protection. Their staff members work in an environmentally friendly office environment.
💗Now, when you know important things about this lovely page i will tell you about my expetience with
I ordered rose coat.  It arrived very quick. It was love at first sight!💗
The color is just like on the photo, the size is correct too. I wear size S, uk8 so I ordered the same size and it fits me very well. You can always check your size at size guide (it's on the right side, next to the size).

The material is wool blend (50% Polyester, 50% Wool; Lining:100% Polyester). The softness of coat you can feel under your fingers. I am realy in love with this coat! When I got dressed this coat. acquqintances have asked me where I bought it, they just love it! 

Pink Wool Blend Zip Front Belted Coat you can buy HERE

Use this coupon code: Lenna445 to get 5$ OFF on orders over 50$

Register at to get $25 Coupon
Enjoy free standard shipping on orders $69+

On you can always find your favorite tops, bottoms, and dresses unique for every occasion. Whether you want to look smart for work, casual for comfort, or special for a night out, VIPme has you covered. is the best place to pamper a VIP fashionista like you!
Hype it on LB:

utorak, 13. prosinca 2016.

Aisle Style

Hello my dears. How are you? Do you feel new years magic?

I have found one more amazing site. It is Aisle Style
Aisle Style was founded in 2007 and is a global online retailer of evening dresses, wedding dresses, prom dresses, and dresses for special occasions. Their factory and Operations are located in the city of Suzhou, China.


With Aisle Style turn every event into a huge party!
Looking for the perfect dress for a special occasion? Become the queen of the ball at every party! With them you will find your dream dress, because they know what makes a festive dress! Whether you are looking for the latest trend or timeless elegance! 
I remembered the time when I have prom and when I couldn't find perfect dress for myself. There were not such a great sites where you can order your dress online. I wish I have a prom once again! But there are always special occasions.. Here you can choose from more than 1200 different models!

Aisle Style guarantees the best quality at a reasonable price!
They only select the highest quality materials and manufacturers, and produce all collections with great attention to detail! The tailor-made models guarantee you maximum comfort. They guarantee you will be at ease in each one of our dresses.
The Aislestyle offering a wide selection of high quality custom-made dresses at very low price to girls and ladies. You will enjoy in offer and you will be very happy because all dresses are custom-made. No need to worry about size! All you need is to take a meter in hand and measure the length and width. One more plus for this site is that you have the option to select the colors! There is a large range of colors from which you can choose your favorite one. Isn't great?

Delivery at any time to any place!
You will receive your ordered products on time, because they ship their goods around the world with reputable international logistics service providers such as DHL or UPS. They offer you both Express Deliveries and different price options.

For all of you who want to find perfect prom, party, wedding or occasion dress visit this hyperlink:  

There are a lot of different types of dresses. I am pretty much sure that you will fall in love with some of them. I have chose a few dresses to blow your mind.

Backless prom dresses. Visit hyperlink: , 

This beautiful dress, Backless Beaded Lace Long Chiffon Evening Dress, you can buy HERE

Long sleeve prom dresses(visit hyperlink:

This beautiful dress, Illusion Neck Crystal Detailling Lace Bodice A-line Chiffon Prom Dress with 3/4 Sleeves, you can buy HERE

Your little girl must be pretty as you. On this site you can find pretty dresses for your little princess. It's custom made too. Make a smile on daughter's face and help her to live in her fairtyle. 
Sleeveless Tea-length Satin Tulle Flowergirl Dresses you can buy HERE

On the end of this post I want you to click here and check all those beuatiful dresses. Special offers: Sign up and win 5 £, on order over 300£ the shipping is free!

Choose and order for yourself and be the light in the night! Take a photo and tagg this site.
Enjoy in shopping!

četvrtak, 1. prosinca 2016.

Stylewe fashion

Hello my dear readers. Do you feel happiness because of month of holidays?
December is my favourite month! Wherever you go you can hear the New Year's music, see street vendors who sell ornaments, Christmas trees, caps, sweets at very low prices. Everything is shine and bright.  Everyone of us is preparing gifts, food for upcoming New Year's Eve. It's more important to make a smile on other people's face. That's the reason why is December the most happy month in the year, the most emotional month where families come together and enjoying in time.

The thing what every lady wants is to shine on New Year's Eve .. To be unique, stylish, for that night! For this reason, but also from many others I want to share with you a page what I have recently discovered.

It's! Click and check all these amazing items! It's Cyber weekend and there is a sale up to 35% off!

I am thinking of wearing some elegant jumpsuit for New Year's Eve..I think I will buy some of these. Here is a photo of jumsuit what I really like.

Link of jumsuits is here:
You can follow them on instagram too. Here the link

Hope you will find something nice for yourself on this fashion site. 
With all love,

četvrtak, 24. studenoga 2016.

Sammydress Super Noverber Giveaway

Hello everyone! 
Would you like to win 100$ gift card to spend it on
Guess what? There is a Sammydress Super November Giveaway!

Sammydress Super Noverber Giveaway

All you need to do is: 
Leave a comment of your favorite product's link from Sammydress in this blog post [Tips:leave email address at the same time, greater chance to win gift card]
10 winner will be chosen to win a $100 gift card.
Ends Time: Nov 31
Public Time: Dec 1-3


nedjelja, 9. listopada 2016.

Ja stvarno nemam vremena. Uopšte ne znam kako stižem sve obaveze na vrijeme obaviti.
Život nas je uzeo pod svoje. On više ne pita možeš li ti, koliko možeš, on ode.. a ti ako hoćeš ostani tu gdje si. Ne mari on za kukanja i bezbrojna opravdanja. Kao voz, brzo, ne kočeći. On juri. Ode.
Pa neka ide!- rekoh si danas. Upravo.
Imam ja mnogo posla na ovoj stanici.
Ja imam ljubav. Ja imam ljubav koju ne uzvračam. Imam pažnju koju osjećam a koju svojim karakterom ne prihvatam. Imam mnogo riječi koje želim da im kažem, mnogo osjećanja koja želim da im pokažem. Pune su moje putne torbe. Teške kao tuč. Pune su poljubaca koje nisam davala, pune zagrljaja kojima sam se opirala, pune ljubaznih riječi koje nisu išle uz lice hladnog, nedodirljivog bića.. Prepune obećanja koje sam davala sama sebi..
Od danas praznim svoje torbe, vrijeme je da se skrasim. Vrijeme da se uselim među ljude koji me iskreno vole. Jer takvi se teško nađu. Takvi ne smiju da ispaštaju zbog vaših pretjeranih obaveza. Uvijek će doći drugi voz, a i ako ne dođe. Sve je to život!

Kao što sam vas i naučila na kraju svake priče ide i outfit. Ja sam, naprosto zaljubljenik Gamiss ali ovaj put i Zaful stranice! Ovaj put ću vam pokazati moj novi prsluk, hlače, ruksak, majcu i kaput! Provjereno kvalitetna odjeća.

Translated on english:
I really don't have time and I don't know how I'm coming to perform all obligations on time. Life took us under his wing. It no longer asks can you, how much you can.. He go. And if you want stay where you are. It doesn't care for peeking and numerous justifications. As the train, quickly without taking brakes. It rushes. It goes.
So let go!- I said to myself today.
I have a lot of work on this station. I have love. I have love which I don't return. I have attention what I feel but with my character I don't accept. I have a lot of words I want to tell them, a lot of feelings which I want to show them. My suitbags are full. Difficult as bronze. They are full od kisses which I didn't give, full of hugs which I resisted, full of kind words which didn't go with the face of cold and untouchable beings. They are full of promisses which I gave to myself. 

From now I am emting my bags. It's time to settle down. It's time to move among people who truly love me. Because that people is very hard to find. That kind of people can't suffer because of your excessive obligations.
There will always be another train, and if it doesn't come.. All that is just a life!

Like every time, after short post there are mz outfits. I feel in love with Gamiss and Zaful site! This time I will show you my new collar, coat, jeans, backpack, shirt. I'm in love with those items, with extra quality!

                                                    Gamiss prsluk- Gamiss collar kupi ovdje
                                                                  Gamiss jeans kupi ovdje 
                                                                    Zaful shirt kupi ovdje
                                                            Zara patike kupi pogledajte ovdje

Zaful beautiful warm coat buy here

                                                                 Gamiss bag buy here


srijeda, 28. rujna 2016.

Svi imaju strah od javnih nastupa. Odlučih da svoje iskustvo podijelim sa vama. Ide priča:

Kada ti reflektori obasjaju lice, kada mikrofon bude tik do tvojih usana, kada je hiljadu građana u tvom vidnom polju, shvatiš da mora da ostaneš tu gdje si, da tremu i sve iskrice napetosti moraš da sakriješ i utabaš Zarinim đonovima.  Hiljade različitih očiju te prate, čitaju ti sa usana, odobravaju i bodre pozitivnom mimikom i razumjevanjem na njihovim licima. To ti je taj izvor energije i podrška! Prepoznavanje tvoje iskrene želje i volje da promijeniš ono što više ne možeš da prihvatiš. Osjećaj da ti je ljubav prema narodu uzvračena. I šta ti još treba?

Slična situacija je i sa blogom. Kada vidim da me čitate, lajkate, dijelite ja sam svoju ulogu tu ostvarila. Uspjela sam prenijeti svoju poruku, energiju vama. To je neprocjenjiva vrijednost!

Pričala sam vam o Gamiss stranici. Ja sam naprosto oduševljena stvarima koje su mi prije nekoliko dana stigle! Veličine su kao i naše, slobodno uzimate broj koji i nosite. Na slikama ispod je moj izbor.

I have already told you about Gamiss website. I am totaly in love with items that I received before two days. Sizes are like ours, like euro siyes. You pick size what you wear. There is my choice on those photos.

Gamiss džemper možete kupiti ovdje
Gamiss jeans možete kupiti ovdje
Zara patike možete kupiti ovdje 

Možete hypati ovdje:

nedjelja, 18. rujna 2016.

Trenutak iskrenosti..

Znam da sam tebi sve pričala.. Nemoj da se ljutiš što javno iznosim svoju misao. Ne, nije mi dovoljan komad papira koji će poslije završiti u smeću.. Ovo parče teksta mora da se pročita.
Mislim da bih sada mogla da definišem prijateljstvo u punom smislu te riječi..
Uzvišeni posebni osjećaj koji nosiš sa sobom gdje god da ideš. Taj magični obruč sigurnosti i dom gdje se uvijek možeš vratiti. Dom u kojem se ne kritikuje, nego dom u kojem se žudi za saznanjem o tvojim pustolovinama.
Prijateljstvo, tako nesebična i iskrena veza!
To su dva lica koja se razumiju očima, dvoja usta iz kojih izviru samo iskrene riječi, podrška i utjeha! Tu su ruke uvijek spremne za zagrljaj. To je prisvajanje uspjeha i neuspjeha.. Prihvatanje! Ljubav i sreća! To je briga i zajednička borba! Suosjećanje i šutnja!
Ja sam znala da cijenim sve to.. Ja sam zagrlila taj dar od Boga i nisam ga dala nikome. Ja sam se stvarno borila. Borila sam se s tobom i bila sam uz tebe.. Bila sam tvoja snaga kada je ti nisi imala.. Stvarno sam mislila da ćemo uspjeti..
Još uvijek osjetim blagi stisak tvoje blijedunjave ruke, tvoje usne i poljubac da pukne na mom obrazu, tvoj pogled, tvoje umorne okice.. Nisi mi morala ni tada ništa reći, još uvijek sam znala čitati iz tvog iskrenog pogleda.. Ti si bila umorna a istovremeno željna nove snage da se digneš i nastaviš borbu... Da si barem mogla da uzmeš lavinu snage i volje koju sam ti nudila na dlanu..
Dragi Bog je, vjerujem, imao bolje planove za tebe.. Život ide i ja isto moram s njim, s tobom u srcu.
Srest ćemo se opet ti i ja. Čekaj me u našem domu prijateljstva. Skuhaj nam lonac kafe jer ti imam svašta ispričati.
Zauvjek ću te voljeti...

ponedjeljak, 22. kolovoza 2016.

Wish Gamiss welcome to my home! Mjesto gdje možete naći jeftinu i kvalitetnu odjeću..

Dam sebi predaha na sekund i shvatim da je fashion blogerka jos uvijek živa i gladna shopinga, krpica, blica i vas, publike. Čvrsto zauzmem stav, izrovim po svojoj odjeći, obučem se, zgrabim muža za ruku i punim gasom do destinacije.
Nisam zaboravila kako se treba namjestiti, osmijehnuti objektivu. Nisam zaboravila, a mislila sam da ću. Ponovno isti val zadovoljstva me preplavio cijelu.
Sada sam na drugom dijelu. Dijelu kada ću sve ovo podijeliti sa vama.
Otkrila sam novu stranicu za naručivanje odjeće. To je stranica Gamiss! Imam Gamiss top, Gamiss čipkanu majčicu i džemperčić od njih i mogu vam reći da ne skidam to sa sebe. Oni koji me viđaju znat' će o čemu pričam :) Divan kvalitet! Nije sintetika. A cijena smiješna. Provjerite na oznakama ispod.

Gamiss Top možete kupiti ovdje

Gamiss Top možete kupiti ovdje
Zara štikle
Pull&Bear jeans
Primark torba

Gamiss čipkanu majcu možete kupiti ovdje
New Yorker prsluk

Možete lajkati na Lookbook-u: